Review : 100% Accuri Goggle Frame

After years of riding on a budget for whatever reason (too many expensive hobbies beeing one of them), I decided to look for a goggle frame to use dirtbiking and snowboarding.

Just compare this pic and the pic on the review of the oakley L frame.

The frame material in itself, the ventilation optimization and the great quality of the foam, especially the 3 layer foam on the outside, is just a world apart from the L frame.

On all the points I had a complaint with the L frame, this 100% Accuri fixed the problem. Whatever the use or lens.

I have a double layer lens red mirror for snowboard and dirtbiking in summer and a white single lens for enduro riding all year long.

Whatever the season or the sport : no fogging.  (exept on the lift at the mountains, you get a bit)

Whatever the season or the sport : no sweat in the eyes. And I sweat a lot, think Zinedine Zidane kinda sweat (interview right after a game :)

The view angle is much better than the L frame. In fact I don't even wish for anything better.

They fit perfectly under an Arai, a suomy and a troy lee designs.

They fit really great with a bern macon for snowboarding.

The design is great and does not aply any pressure on the temples of your frame.

They fit well with eyeglasses of less than 145mm wide and 40mm of height. Think a glass of 55 x 35 aprox. If you wear a pair of perfectly flat ray ban then try them out first to be on the safe side. If your glasses are not 100% flat, you are good to go and can order online.

With all the available lenses for snowboarding and dirt biking, this is a no brainer.

I'm so glad I invested in those. Do the same and you will be too.