Review : Oakley L Frame MX Goggles

They have been around for years for the eyeglasses wearer out there that rides Dirtbikes. Some might have used them also for snowboarding, but really it's not what they're made for.

There was a time when I thought : "Why pay 100$ + for a pair of goggles?" I don't see how all this money can make a difference in the product.

For a couple years I used those while enduro riding. I mean they do their job but as soon as you heat up, fog comes in, it's just inevitable.

Comfort is OK, Ventilation is OK, they fit great with any helmet out there that I've tried (I'll be reviewing some soon)They handle fine a good cleaning.

The cons are : quick fogging and very limited sweat soaking. Nothing unbearable, but not that great.

On hot summer days (30°C) while doing some medium hard enduro, log crossing and overall messing around, I would have sweat in my eyes in a matter of minutes, a real challenge.

On winter days, fogging.

The in between is fine.

For the beginner or the guy on the budget, this can do it, but don't expect to rave about them.