Review : Risk Racing | Lock-N-Load Motocross Transport System

This picture was takien after 1 year spent in a truck bed protected by a bed cover. Minimal water came in the bed.

I won't comment on the overall use of this product as it has been reviewed numerous times and I have nothing else really relevant to say about this product.

It does what it's supposed to and it's easy to handle.



When you put this product into a truck bed it can lead to some serious problem. I don't think this product can handle well humidity and rain.

And Yes, I use a truck bed Cover and this thing was also wrapped in a big plastic bag when not in used.


As you can see in the picture RUST is the enemy number one of the Risk racing lock-N-load. If you plan on leaving it on the bed for the life time of the product, fine.

If you plan to remove it from time to time to make some space in your truck bed for some other use, then this will become a problem. You fix the lock-N-load by screwing it with nylon heads screws, on plates that are screwed on the bed floor. When those screws gets rusty, you can't simply remove it by unscrewing the nylon head screws, they are so stuck that you mess up the nylon handle. So yeah it can surely be done with some light taping and WD40 help., but keep in mind that this thing is advertised so it's a 2 minute job to take it out your floor bed.

Bottom line : you won't take it off easyly from your truck bed after leaving it for a year. SAD.

Couple months later and the rusting continues. I've contacted the customer service asking if it was normal, no answer to my email.


Review : Vans « Vansguard » treatment on their SK8-HI reissue shoes

Vans Vansguard SK8 HI Reissue

These shoes came in and I had to test their water repellancy treatment just to know if it will do the job for me.
I tried this model because I’ve had bad experience with their Vans SK8-Hi MTE Shoes that are just a joke.

This vansguard treatment is nothing more than a DWR aka Durable water repellent treatment.

Its function is to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water. The saturation of the fabric leads to the loss of breathability of course and let finally the water come through. (wikipedia source for clarity)

My dummy test process: Couple of drops of water, let sit for 10 minutes, then I gently rub the water onto the fabric with my finger.
This is enough to test a DWR with all shell materials and other outdoors equipment that have a dwr treatment even none waterproof ones.

Well, with this test on those shoes, in no time, the upper fabric soaked the water in. after 10 minutes I could feel some freshness inside the shoe but couldn’t really tell if water came through. I guess these would be perfect for the occasional light rain or puddle.

Do not walk for a prolonged time in wet grass, these can’t handle it (neither MTEs). Quick city rain it is.

Review : Leather conditioner Timberland | Waximum™ Waxed Leather Protector

Only one picture for that kind of product review simply won't cut it, I'm sure you'll agree on that one if you just landed here.

Waximum review timberland day1 1

Waximum review timberland day1 3

These pics above are taken minutes after use. Day 1. Left shoe is always the one treated on the pics. Those are outside pics.

The inside story: Those boots were treated with conditionner when new, I only wore them a couple of times each but the leather was really dry to the touch, you could see that water was quickly absorbed, it needed some care and quick…
I called the Timberland customer service first letting them know that I wanted to condition my boots and specified the model number so they can point me to the right care product. Bothe shoes are the same kind of leather.
I checked obenauf LP, pecard, lether honey, lexol, chamberlain’s, grandad’s and all the other ones highly rated around.
I decided to go with that product just because it sounded safe for the brand shoes.
here’s the result.
Leather was not oversaturated with product, only a little amount was applied with a clean 100% cotton kitchen towel. Applied in a circular manner.

Waximum review timberland day1 2

Waximum review timberland day1 4

Those are outside pics.

The big concern out there when it comes to leather conditionners is wether or not and how much it will modify the original color of the leather. One simple rule is that oversaturated leather gets darker and darker. It’s better to add 2 ultra thin layers of conditionner one week apart to allow the leather to gently soak in the product than to literally soak the leather with conditionner…

On the dark blue leather, the amount of product you rub do not have much effect on the color as you can see BUT on the brown it does, the more product you rub the darker it gets. Quickly apply the product in large circular fashion over the boot to ensure a uniform result. Anyway it’s not about putting a lot of product, it’s about putting a very little amount and repeat if/when it’s necessary.

On clear and brown leathers I can say that the product has a tendency of darkening some areas and I can’t clear out that it is the quantity of product applied in those areas that is the cause.

Waximum review timberland day2

Day 2 (after 24 hours), taken inside with flash. left shoe done, right shoe untouched.

Waximum review timberland day3 inside WO flash

Day 3 (72 hours or so). Pic taken inside W/O flash.

 Waximum review timberland day3 outside sunny

Waximum review timberland day3 outside1

Day 3, taken outside, with and without sun.

I think you got what you need to make an educated decision here.

Texture: The shoe do not get any sticky feeling, neither polished. Something in between, real soft to the touch, I did not try to rub a clean cloth on them to see if It would caught some product as I did not want to mess with the work done, but it looks like this will not be a problem at all. After 4 days, the leather soaked everything in and is soft and natural to the touch. I will report back if anything comes up.

Given how satisfied I am with the result, it’s obvious I won’t take any chances putting anything else on my timberlands and I’ll be trying it on my 24 years old Avirex A2 leather jacket soon and will report.

I guess the problem with these leather conditionners is that you never know what result you could have had with something else, so you take a gamble and have to be prepared to live with it and be satisfied.

here's the A2 before beeing treated, pic taken inside with flash:

Waximum review A2 jacket day1 inside wflash

Next pic after a week.

This pic does no do justice to the actual result. The leather soaked everything and got darker also, so there is more uniformity.

here it goes anyway, this pic is taken inside with high luminosity and without flash.

Waximum review A2 jacket day7 inside woflash

Yes I know it's not the same angle, and not even the same picture parameters.

Review : Vans SK8-Hi MTE Mountain Edition Shoes


Just forget all the useless videos on youtube of supposed reviews of these Vans SK8-HI MTE.

These have a scotchgard treatment on the upper and a midsole barrier of some sort for the cold.

They are supposed to be weatherrproof (as they say it) and breathable. The scotch guard state it's supposed to be waterproof and they claim "keep fabrics and materials DRY"

Don’t think Neoshell, Goretex or Event performance here. It’s not a membrane, it’s just a treatment applied to the fabric.

They are supposed to be for winter but there is only some lining in the Ankle area : pretty useless if you ask me.

No lining on the side or up the toes and as a result when it’s colder than 5°C outside you’re cold. Strange for a shoe advertised for handling snow. To be honest you can be cold in other situations too, like no activity working behind a computer for several hours in a 20 degrees room with super thin merino socks. Go figure... (the EXACT same situation with a simple pair of nike pre montreal racer and my feet are fine, not warm, but fine)

I can’t understand the reason why, It’s either one of those options:

1) It breathes so well you’re cold.

Imagine it’s freezing outside, you put a nice pair of woolpower 400 socks, your feet starts sweating and the scotchgard does such a good job evaporating all that sweat that you end up with frozen feet.
(If you don’t know what are those socks, they are the worlds best merino socks used by armies for decades - I will not even make a quick review - no need - already good reviews out there - Unrivaled performance).
Your feet starts sweating and the scotchgard does such a good job evaporating all that sweat that you end up with frozen feet.

You get the same result by downgrading sock warmth to woolpower 200 socks.

2) The material do not breathe enough, so you end up sweating a bit and as a result you get cold feets.
3) It has no lining so you’re cold

Woolpower socks can’t do their job on their own. Scotchgard is only a treatment and there is no lining. You only get a thin layer of suede as protection against the cold. STUPID.

About the water repellancy Scotchgard treatment: Do not think those video reviews showing water falling on them is sensefull.

Too much water in too little time and high water weight = it falls right off the shoe. Just a USELESS test.

THE BEST TEST for that kind of treatment is walking in grass after a long rain.

Not even 15 cm grass, i’m talking 5 cm grass lawn here.

This is probably the harshest conditions for a repellent treatment because you get a continuous super small amount of water in a completly humid environement, there is so little pression that water penetrates more easily.
I walked between 100 and 500 meters.
The toe area of the shoe was wet. (see pic)
My toes and socks were wet 15 minutes after. This is not a joke.
Then, I was cold for the next 5 hours. After that I gave up, changed socks and shoes.

I’ve been told by Vans my shoes are defective. Maybe, but nothing is gonna change the fact that you get frozen toes.

Stay away from those shoes If you need real winter sneakers. At that price tag, that’s a rip off, especially in Europe which is about a 120$ price tag.

They look cool but that's it. These are no winter shoes.

UPDATE FOLLOW UP: OK so Vans customer service was claiming the shoes were defective.

There was a sale on an online shop for the Vans MTE edition Black / Rosin colorway at -70%, couldn't resist and thought it would be a nice addition to my collection and will allow me to verify some facts.

I received the shoes. The first time I walked with them, I walked in my lawn at 11am, on this sunny day the only humidity was the one from last night. No rain for 4 days prior to this walk. 5 centimeters grass, 1 minute walk. Here's the result in pictures.

Pic taken right after the walk.


Pic taken 2 minutes after, you can see that water has already penetrated the suede.


3 minutes later, the suede is fully soaked and saturated.

I must add that the 10 first steps I was feeling strange cold bites and was wondering if that was water i was feeling. YES it was.

After the 5 minutes, the time it took me to wait to make the pictures of the soaking evolution of the suede, I decided to take off the shoes to check my socks.

That's what I discovered (I was already feeling it of course...)

YES, the darker areas shows how soaked they are after 1 minute walk in humid grass.

These are regular sports cotton socks for mid season / summer use.

This MTE edition is a joke.

Case closed.

Will still contact Vans and see what they have to say and will report, when I have 5 mins on my hands.

Follow Up: Contacted by email Vans Europe, 2 weeks after still no answer. Contacted by email Vans US = said to contact Vans europe. Contacted again by email Vans Europe = No Answer. It was one month ago.

Oh I went snowboarding and took them with me for this trip just for fun. The sole works great, you do not feel the cold from the sole. If the snow isn't melting, it won't soak up the shoe.