French company, italian logo colors, made in china. Not a good cocktail if you ask me.
This is probably the best option out there (at this time) if you want motorcycle shoes that does not look like one. Protective, Light, stylish, weatherproof.
Sadly, they also lack in some key areas:

- Poor quality materials. Leather around the laces was showing deterioration just after trying them on. (others reported this)
- Poorly made. Some glue here and there on the leather (see the pic)
- Poor Fit. they are 1 centimeter longer than your usual pair of Nike for the same size. They are also SUPER SUPER tight, I really couldn't wear them in my true size, ordered the 44 (was almost 2cm+ longer than my feet), then the 43 (good length but too tight to handle) .

Yes they will probably protect you a little more than a pair of Nike Air Force 1 High (winter options). Other than that, for the price tag, I sent them back.
Went for the legend, and if you can grab yourself the wheat colorway, bonus;)

Review : Eagle1 Hard Tri Fold Tonneau cover for pick ups

Eagle1 Hard Tri Fold Tonneau cover

I've been using it on my truck for 6 months now and after those couple days of stormy weather we just had here, i'm ready to make a full quick review.

It folds easily.
It fits perfectly.
Clamps are strong and clever.
It's well built, maybe not the highest end aluminium out there though, but it's strong enough to handle abuse, put something heavy on top.
The foam used to make it watertight (not waterproof of coures) does kinda peal off a bit were it's glued, if you don't pay attention when taking it of / storage / puting it back and overall handling.
It's easy and quick to completly remove or put back on, after a couple of times you do it under 3 minutes with ease and alone.
It has just witstands (after 6 months use and some pealed off foam from handling) a 2 hour highway trip with the kind of pourring rain you have only once a year, really nasty, and I just found some residual traces of water inside the truck bed. AMAZING, I couldn't believe it.

But when you park it with your bed raised during several days of rain, water do come inside, I have a plastic bed protector and you cannot keep stuff in the bed thinking there protected.

The tilt of the car is important here.

I had a problem after delivery and the guys at eagle1 UK were top notch in customer service.

I really think this is un unbeatable quality / price ratio. HIGHLY, but i mean HIGHLY recommended...

Review : Orbitkey Key Holder Tan Leather - 2015

Orbitkey Key Holder Tan leather

What you see here is what happens with a "short" high security home door key, and with another large head off centered hole key.

In that (not much particular) case that thing is useless. To be clear all the pics I see on their site and in their "CUSTOMER PHOTO GALLERY" are Orbitkey represented with super small 3 standard keys. Who has only 3 small standard keys on his key chain?
The only key I have like that is the one for my letter box! Yesssss they say on their homepage it works only with flat small keys.
Let's be Honest a bunch of you out there is gonna buy it and use it with different, larger, thicker, longer keys, simply because that's what you have.

You want it to look neat like the pictures you see on their website, then you can forget using this product with:
- High security home door Keys
- Car Keys
- Motorcycle Keys
- Any serious Lock Key (like for you motorcycle for example)
- Large head keys
- Off centered hole key (especially when large)
- Thick and Non flat head keys
And all the others I don't think of right now...

Why spend 40 $ on a letter box leather holding key? Exagerating but not that much really.
The percentage of people that will be able to carry neatly all their keys with that design should be pretty small.

There should be 2 lenghts and widths to choose from, so you can at least get what you need.

Now the usage:

The keys are compressed against each other so when you pull out one key, others come too and you have to do some sorting.
Keys rub on each others, so if you have an anodized key or a good looking security home key, chances are you'll be ruining it quickly.
This is definitly not a one hand operation gadget, so in situations like when you come home with something in your hands, you have to put it down to open your door, great on rainy days.
The feel : I personnally think that it's an important aspect of that tool, because it's not just a key holder right? It has to feel good in the hand when you hold it. I tried it with only the recommended small keys and for sure it feels great. With my usual setup you see in the picture, well it's just not...

Conclusion: There is room for improvement. Design and material is nice and the idea is good but it has not been thought through enough given all the different kind of home door keys and head dimensions. Maybe it's not meant to carry a home door key? ;)
I love this Key holder and I am really pissed it can't accomodate my key collection(s).


Follow up: it's becoming so unpractical for me, that I'm thinking to start using something else. When I have a door to open, I have to pull all the keys then select the one I need and put all the others back in, because when a key is inserted and you are in a tigh spot, other keys not fully inserted back in, can grip the nerby wall, on the left or right. Hopefully my door key doesn't fit and as an external key it's quickly accessible without any sorting to do, but for the keys inside it just gets painfull. If you have non standard keys, just find something else.

After 20 months follow up: for an unknown reason it keeps unscrewing itself, it gets all loose, keys keep coming out and I have to screw it again every two weeks or so. Did not take the time yet to find something else so I'm still using it.
Positive note: the leather key holder went in the washing machine. After the drying time and a week of use the leather got it's suppleness back. It doesn't look as fine as before but really it handled that accident pretty well and deserves a thumbs up for that. The outside ring has done a better job deterioirating and coloring in black the leather than the washing mashine.

1 month later the screw is damaged and need to be changed if I want to continue using it. I only unscrewed the key holder 3 times.

Review : Love Mei heavy duty case cover for Sony Xperia Z3

Love Mei Sony Xperia Z3

Sadly this is not my picture, or maybe it's best for the brand I don't have the opportunity to take one anymore.

Because thanks to Amazon* this one was returned after 4 months and this is why.

You surely read elsewhere that (listing in case you missed it):
- The USB silicone Flap does not stay put and is constantly opening due to a design flaw.
- It's hard to open the USB cover of the Phone itself to access the port because of the design flaw. You just feel you are deteriorating the port cover and the phone.- It's HARD and irritating to plug the usb cable because of how the USB silicone cover attachement is designed.
- The parts are not anodized and simply painted and it don't look neat.
- The paint on the headphone cover flipper just chip after a day.
- Your phone just weights 800 gr with this cover, forget puting it in your pocket, any pocket, you need a bag...
- Other than that great and protective product, certainly the best protective one for the Sony xperia Z3 ;)

There is more:
- You can cut the silicone to allow access to the magnetic port though. (I've done it, tired of messing with the usb access) But it will allow the case to bend in that area.
- If you open and close the case more than 3 times, there is a good chance one or more screws won't tight again. In french we say "tourner fou", you try to tighten it but it just turns and turns the thread is just dead. Once this happens your phone is in danger in that case because it's not well compressed as it should be , even with only one fucked up thread. That's what happenned to me.

I did not buy this case again after returning it and went another way with TheBlingZ Heavy Duty Shock Proof Cover for Sony Xperia Z3. I'm glad I did.

You know a better one? Please contact me ;)