Review : Eagle1 Hard Tri Fold Tonneau cover for pick ups

Eagle1 Hard Tri Fold Tonneau cover

I've been using it on my truck for 6 months now and after those couple days of stormy weather we just had here, i'm ready to make a full quick review.

It folds easily.
It fits perfectly.
Clamps are strong and clever.
It's well built, maybe not the highest end aluminium out there though, but it's strong enough to handle abuse, put something heavy on top.
The foam used to make it watertight (not waterproof of coures) does kinda peal off a bit were it's glued, if you don't pay attention when taking it of / storage / puting it back and overall handling.
It's easy and quick to completly remove or put back on, after a couple of times you do it under 3 minutes with ease and alone.
It has just witstands (after 6 months use and some pealed off foam from handling) a 2 hour highway trip with the kind of pourring rain you have only once a year, really nasty, and I just found some residual traces of water inside the truck bed. AMAZING, I couldn't believe it.

But when you park it with your bed raised during several days of rain, water do come inside, I have a plastic bed protector and you cannot keep stuff in the bed thinking there protected.

The tilt of the car is important here.

I had a problem after delivery and the guys at eagle1 UK were top notch in customer service.

I really think this is un unbeatable quality / price ratio. HIGHLY, but i mean HIGHLY recommended...