Review : Leather conditioner Timberland | Waximum™ Waxed Leather Protector

Only one picture for that kind of product review simply won't cut it, I'm sure you'll agree on that one if you just landed here.

Waximum review timberland day1 1

Waximum review timberland day1 3

These pics above are taken minutes after use. Day 1. Left shoe is always the one treated on the pics. Those are outside pics.

The inside story: Those boots were treated with conditionner when new, I only wore them a couple of times each but the leather was really dry to the touch, you could see that water was quickly absorbed, it needed some care and quick…
I called the Timberland customer service first letting them know that I wanted to condition my boots and specified the model number so they can point me to the right care product. Bothe shoes are the same kind of leather.
I checked obenauf LP, pecard, lether honey, lexol, chamberlain’s, grandad’s and all the other ones highly rated around.
I decided to go with that product just because it sounded safe for the brand shoes.
here’s the result.
Leather was not oversaturated with product, only a little amount was applied with a clean 100% cotton kitchen towel. Applied in a circular manner.

Waximum review timberland day1 2

Waximum review timberland day1 4

Those are outside pics.

The big concern out there when it comes to leather conditionners is wether or not and how much it will modify the original color of the leather. One simple rule is that oversaturated leather gets darker and darker. It’s better to add 2 ultra thin layers of conditionner one week apart to allow the leather to gently soak in the product than to literally soak the leather with conditionner…

On the dark blue leather, the amount of product you rub do not have much effect on the color as you can see BUT on the brown it does, the more product you rub the darker it gets. Quickly apply the product in large circular fashion over the boot to ensure a uniform result. Anyway it’s not about putting a lot of product, it’s about putting a very little amount and repeat if/when it’s necessary.

On clear and brown leathers I can say that the product has a tendency of darkening some areas and I can’t clear out that it is the quantity of product applied in those areas that is the cause.

Waximum review timberland day2

Day 2 (after 24 hours), taken inside with flash. left shoe done, right shoe untouched.

Waximum review timberland day3 inside WO flash

Day 3 (72 hours or so). Pic taken inside W/O flash.

 Waximum review timberland day3 outside sunny

Waximum review timberland day3 outside1

Day 3, taken outside, with and without sun.

I think you got what you need to make an educated decision here.

Texture: The shoe do not get any sticky feeling, neither polished. Something in between, real soft to the touch, I did not try to rub a clean cloth on them to see if It would caught some product as I did not want to mess with the work done, but it looks like this will not be a problem at all. After 4 days, the leather soaked everything in and is soft and natural to the touch. I will report back if anything comes up.

Given how satisfied I am with the result, it’s obvious I won’t take any chances putting anything else on my timberlands and I’ll be trying it on my 24 years old Avirex A2 leather jacket soon and will report.

I guess the problem with these leather conditionners is that you never know what result you could have had with something else, so you take a gamble and have to be prepared to live with it and be satisfied.

here's the A2 before beeing treated, pic taken inside with flash:

Waximum review A2 jacket day1 inside wflash

Next pic after a week.

This pic does no do justice to the actual result. The leather soaked everything and got darker also, so there is more uniformity.

here it goes anyway, this pic is taken inside with high luminosity and without flash.

Waximum review A2 jacket day7 inside woflash

Yes I know it's not the same angle, and not even the same picture parameters.