Review : Love Mei heavy duty case cover for Sony Xperia Z3

Love Mei Sony Xperia Z3

Sadly this is not my picture, or maybe it's best for the brand I don't have the opportunity to take one anymore.

Because thanks to Amazon* this one was returned after 4 months and this is why.

You surely read elsewhere that (listing in case you missed it):
- The USB silicone Flap does not stay put and is constantly opening due to a design flaw.
- It's hard to open the USB cover of the Phone itself to access the port because of the design flaw. You just feel you are deteriorating the port cover and the phone.- It's HARD and irritating to plug the usb cable because of how the USB silicone cover attachement is designed.
- The parts are not anodized and simply painted and it don't look neat.
- The paint on the headphone cover flipper just chip after a day.
- Your phone just weights 800 gr with this cover, forget puting it in your pocket, any pocket, you need a bag...
- Other than that great and protective product, certainly the best protective one for the Sony xperia Z3 ;)

There is more:
- You can cut the silicone to allow access to the magnetic port though. (I've done it, tired of messing with the usb access) But it will allow the case to bend in that area.
- If you open and close the case more than 3 times, there is a good chance one or more screws won't tight again. In french we say "tourner fou", you try to tighten it but it just turns and turns the thread is just dead. Once this happens your phone is in danger in that case because it's not well compressed as it should be , even with only one fucked up thread. That's what happenned to me.

I did not buy this case again after returning it and went another way with TheBlingZ Heavy Duty Shock Proof Cover for Sony Xperia Z3. I'm glad I did.

You know a better one? Please contact me ;)