Review : Risk Racing | Lock-N-Load Motocross Transport System

This picture was takien after 1 year spent in a truck bed protected by a bed cover. Minimal water came in the bed.

I won't comment on the overall use of this product as it has been reviewed numerous times and I have nothing else really relevant to say about this product.

It does what it's supposed to and it's easy to handle.



When you put this product into a truck bed it can lead to some serious problem. I don't think this product can handle well humidity and rain.

And Yes, I use a truck bed Cover and this thing was also wrapped in a big plastic bag when not in used.


As you can see in the picture RUST is the enemy number one of the Risk racing lock-N-load. If you plan on leaving it on the bed for the life time of the product, fine.

If you plan to remove it from time to time to make some space in your truck bed for some other use, then this will become a problem. You fix the lock-N-load by screwing it with nylon heads screws, on plates that are screwed on the bed floor. When those screws gets rusty, you can't simply remove it by unscrewing the nylon head screws, they are so stuck that you mess up the nylon handle. So yeah it can surely be done with some light taping and WD40 help., but keep in mind that this thing is advertised so it's a 2 minute job to take it out your floor bed.

Bottom line : you won't take it off easyly from your truck bed after leaving it for a year. SAD.

Couple months later and the rusting continues. I've contacted the customer service asking if it was normal, no answer to my email.