Review : Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guard Double Sided D3O

This is a well well made product. Super pricey, but again, you get what you pay for in term of body protection made with who knows what needs to me done in the medical field.

You don't see it in the pucture because the material of the pad holds up great but this has taken a beating a couple times now. No injury or pain to report.

Super easy to put on, super silky smooth and confortable.

You do sweat in it though. I do anyway. but I sweat a lot. (even by 10°C outside)

Hard to have it under a sweat shirt for skateboarding, it's a bit bulky, but not more than others I guess.

They claim that for snowboarding you have to remove the external pad and that it fits fine under your glove.

Well first, your glove must be one size up, let's say you wear a large and it fits just right, you'll have to wear an XL glove or mitt. AND even if you wear an XL mitt you will feel all snugg and almost uncomfortable.

I know I Will not snowboard with those, simply does not fit well enough for me inside my gloves. I've seen some brands that have integrated protection in their glove line. Certainly NOT what this one can provide.


COMFORT RATING : 4.5 stars

ADAPTATION (with other gear) : 3 Stars

Anyway, security is 1st, so this is the best there is out there.

Review : Nike Sb Koston Hypervulc


Couple hours on these, just the time to break them in.

The janoski line is known to be unbearably tight for large feets. This one is just spot on for me where Janoski's are not.

My feet is snugg just what it needs to be at first to be just perfect for when it breaks in. The sole is great, grippy with a lateral flexibility limited that offers great feeling and security. this is not a super flexy shoe in my opinion compared to some vans SK8-hi.

Offers a real support and a great feel.

Time will tell about durablity but it looks like it will not be a problem.

Review : G-Form Pro X Elbow Pads

There is a nice silicone band that keep the protection in place where you put it.

It's easy to put directly on the skin or a T-shirt. it's made of light lycra, very breathable.

It covers a large area around the elbow. Just what you need.

It's super slim and not bulky at all and you can wear it beneath a slim arms sweatshirt no problem.

Size chart is spot on.

It already saved me from a real injury two times now.

Some complains:

when the exact area of your elbow that Hits the gound is in between two pads of protective foam. And yes it happens.

When you wear it next to the skin, when you fall with speed, the protection rips on your skin and leaves your flesh open = session over. It's great for a bump protection, but if you fall with speed and rip on any surface, ramp, sidewalk or street, your skin will be ripped off. It happened already 3 times to me. To prevent that, wear a thick cotton or wool long sleeve t-shirt.

With use it has a tendency to stretch out, so maybe buy one size down.

Overall, I would buy it again as I guess with a bulkier protection the same could happen.

Review : G-Form Pro Ankle Guard

I use it for skateboarding.

Does it work well? I guess, but the fucking board seems to be hitting everywhere but on the protection areas! No real harm though.

It does offer some protection. it's super light, you don't feel it when it's on, I mean you really forget it's there.

The one time I decided not to put it on, I got injured on the session, so my guess is I won't be making that mistake twice.

They should really work on a much bigger one, larger, that covers more area around. I'm saying this because that material is so stretchy and allows to take any shape! They could do a FULL contour coverage one.

There is one real bummer : the stitching of the strap is too low so you can feel it on each side of your foot.

To be honest after a while you forget it and do not feel it anymore, but it's noticeable and anoying at first.

Overall a great product to protect your bones where it counts & hurts the most.


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