Review : Bern Macon Helmet

This helmet has a removable liner so you can use it for skateboarding or snoboarding, which is exactly what I was looking for.

The best way to test a helmet is to crash. I did not so I will only review comfort and how thought of the product is.

For skateboarding there is nothing to report. This lid is just great and low profile and it feels light with a perfect airflow on medium and high temperatures.

For Snowboarding it's a great Helmet but it depends on the condition.

Goggle clip works great.

With the included liner it's for sunny days in the afternoon when it's not really cold, for me 4 to 8°C with sun is OK.

Below, like -5 to 4°C if I had to give an aproximate value, I have to wear also a Merino woolpower ultra low profile : Helmet cap 400.

Below -10°C, it's just not wearable for me, too much ventilation and not enough liner. Maybe a different under helmet cap could work?

A small, under shin confortable strap wouldn't be a luxury given the price tag but all in all a great investement!