Review : G-Form Pro Ankle Guard

I use it for skateboarding.

Does it work well? I guess, but the fucking board seems to be hitting everywhere but on the protection areas! No real harm though.

It does offer some protection. it's super light, you don't feel it when it's on, I mean you really forget it's there.

The one time I decided not to put it on, I got injured on the session, so my guess is I won't be making that mistake twice.

They should really work on a much bigger one, larger, that covers more area around. I'm saying this because that material is so stretchy and allows to take any shape! They could do a FULL contour coverage one.

There is one real bummer : the stitching of the strap is too low so you can feel it on each side of your foot.

To be honest after a while you forget it and do not feel it anymore, but it's noticeable and anoying at first.

Overall a great product to protect your bones where it counts & hurts the most.