Review : G-Form Pro X Elbow Pads

There is a nice silicone band that keep the protection in place where you put it.

It's easy to put directly on the skin or a T-shirt. it's made of light lycra, very breathable.

It covers a large area around the elbow. Just what you need.

It's super slim and not bulky at all and you can wear it beneath a slim arms sweatshirt no problem.

Size chart is spot on.

It already saved me from a real injury two times now.

Some complains:

when the exact area of your elbow that Hits the gound is in between two pads of protective foam. And yes it happens.

When you wear it next to the skin, when you fall with speed, the protection rips on your skin and leaves your flesh open = session over. It's great for a bump protection, but if you fall with speed and rip on any surface, ramp, sidewalk or street, your skin will be ripped off. It happened already 3 times to me. To prevent that, wear a thick cotton or wool long sleeve t-shirt.

With use it has a tendency to stretch out, so maybe buy one size down.

Overall, I would buy it again as I guess with a bulkier protection the same could happen.