Review : Mini logo skateboard - deck - wheel - bearing - trucks


Mini logo complete skateboard review after only 5 hours of street skating. I mention street skating as it's not the same as super clean park ground.

I have a bunch of picks and vids that I took to send back that poor quality skateboard but I choose the wheel, not the sadest pic though.

I will not elaborate on tricks made or my actual capacities as after only 5 hours it's not relevant. Let's say for a + 40 years dude, I'm still not landing a kickflip, but I'm perfecting all the tricks in between that and the ollie...


Mini logo Chevron deck : chips so easy after the first hour I could have made a couple of small toothpicks with it. It looks like it's made of balsa wood, super soft. DO NOT EXPECT A LONG LIFE. Pop was great but for how long? I do not have an answer to that.

Mini Logo trucks : After 5 hours the Pivot cup was destroyed. there was like 2 to 3mm play on a 5 axis scale. SCARY. Useable : yes. Engeenering quality : questionable. My new tensor mag light (review coming) after 5 hours have NO PLAY whatsoever.

Mini logo Bushings : probably good if you weight less than 80kg.

Mini logo Bearings : after 2 hours made the quality sound of a 30$ complete purchased at the supermarket. And I know what quality bearing sound like (redz, oust, skf)

Mini logo Wheels : well the pic speaks for itslef, after 5 hours. Bad slideability on street concrete (compared to bones stf for exemple) and start chiping.


I've been told, the complete was defective. Yeah 100% of the parts were defective at the same time. I don't understand what makes some pro skaters endorse this product. Simple marketing or real honesty?

Probably a good complete for a kid i guess.