Review : Frostfire Mooncode Car Key Safe

Frostfire Mooncode Car Key Safe

It does the job.

It spent 200 hours + in front of the beach getting the continual wave's spray.

Enough room for large and wide newer electronic car keys.

The code box can be opened from the inside for cleaning I suppose but i never did it or needed to do it.

The occasional WD40 spray inside the code box and release button is sufficient to keep it working like new.

Does the job. No real complaints. Safe buy.

Review : FCS Premium Soft Racks Single

FCS Premium Soft Racks Single

The sangles are situated head high and the car and it's pretty uncomfrotable.

You can't tie the soft racks enough so they do not move, and you can't strap the board too hard either, even with a board bag.

So what you get is a vibrating and moving system, that can make noise inside because of the straps and outside because of the rest.

This kind of system should be primarily and sensefully used for short trips to the beach. This is obviously not made for travel! They certainly should mention that.

I wouldn't go more than 60 mph. Certainly dangerous, even if it seems well built and heavy duty, at higher speed, in my opinion.

Review : O'neill Wetsuits Superfreak 2mm Tropical St Boot 2015

Oneill Wetsuits Superfreak Tropical St Boot

hold up pretty ggogood

sensitivity is not great.

the fit is almost perfect for my feet. The cinch is well placed and does not bother.

They do not soak up a lot of water as the material is not totally in neoprene and there is drain holes that work perfectly. No info on that material on the manufacturer website.

The sole choice apart from sensibility is made in such a way that sand sticks to it, like you can see on the picture and if you have an High gloss board that could make some visual damage on it.
Those are some good boots and I've see they chagned the sole for 2016...

Review : Tiki Wetsuit Nylon Duffle Bag

Tiki Wetsuit Nylon Duffle Bag

WHY decide to sell that kind of stuff to a customer??? That shit cost 10$ and does not do a better job than a plastic bag! C'mon...

This is outrageous.

Super thin, non durable material.

Not waterproof.

Keep your plastic bags and give them a second life, stay far away from this product.

Even getting it free with a new wetsuit makes me angry, if not angryer.