Review : FCS wetsuit Change Mat / Wet Bag

FCS wetsuit Change Mat Wet Bag

The Good : the material is thin so it folds or molds easily for carriage or storage.

The bad:
- the cords are awfully too long, it gets messy real quick with knots, and that length is useless.
- the PU backed 150D rip-stop nylon base they use is too thin. I got holes in it after 1 year of carefull use.

You have better alternatives out there than this FCS change mat. For example, the northcore reviewed on this site.


Review : Curve Surf Changing Robe El Poncho!

Curve Surf Changing Robe El Poncho

Yeah, it's a simple poncho, but there's a little issue with it, I thought I needed to address for those fo you searching for one.

There is 3 button beneath the arm to get more room. Interesting feature.

There is a one Adult size only and it is a bit Slim Fit. I'm an L in wetsuit and I'm not at ease to change in that one.

If you're taller than 6'0, you'll be showing your stuff.

If you're wider than a L, it will be more hassle using it than not.

Consider it only if you are S, M, MT, L.

Review : Ripcurl E-BOMB PRO LS JACKET 1MM 2016


Take a close look at the neoprene / lining thickness.

there is not even a 0.5mm rubber thickness in there!
This neoprene top is super stretch, buttery stretch, but it's almost only made of lining, that's why.

The big downsides:
It soaks water, it's incredible, I wouldn't be surprise if it soaked around 50 + cl. (I hang all my gear with a bucket beneath it, I did not measure it exactly, but it should be pretty close).

It doesn't give you much warmth, or so very little compared to a rashguard you wonder why bother. It's also not as stretchy as a rashguard, so...

This top is like a rashguard you pay 100$ for!! My advice, spend it on something else! Especially when you get some decent yamamoto tops with some real rubber thickness for a couple bucks more.

Does it hold on the long run? Who cares, you should not buy it.

Review : The Nineplus Wetsuit Boots

The Nineplus Wetsuit Boots

This is an "on paper" quick review, simply because I returned the product without using it, read the review and you'll understand why.

- Very uncomfortable split toe for me and poor design. No joint either, so your big toe can be decapitated by your leash.
- First time I tried them on, a bunch of their lotus plastic logos they covered the boots with, peeled off (you can see it in the pic).
- The sizing was the biggest issue for me and the main reason behind their return as the L was too tight for a 9-10. their sizing is S / M / L / XL / XXL ->  USA S:7-8 / M:8-9 / L:9-10 / XL:10-11 / XXL:11-12

Forget about the fit, the look, the comfort, the design because the ONLY good thing about these boots is the use of 4mm yamamoto neoprene that won't suck up water. This is my main issue when it comes to winter surf boots, their ability to inflate and suck up water.

BUT, they used a fleece lining, and when there is lining, there is water. But again, did not actually tried them surfing.

I won't comment on their customer service because that's not what this site is all about, I dealt with the UK team and was very very disapointed, rudness and tone wasn't what I would expect from such a brand and that I am used to even in France.
You understand why I did not try the XL instead of the L.