Review : Cole Trunk Board Aviso 5'2 (5-2) BD3 with Rail Channels

Cole Trunk Board Aviso 5 2

This review is not about the tech and wether or not it's good or bad for surfing.

This board is really a fun fun Board that doesn't like much the mushy garbage stuff. Wave's faces have to be decently clean. I've had troubles in massive, steep overhead waves certainly because of my lack of confidence in this design > personnal limitations. Anyway, for me the major problem with this Board was to find the right fins to gain stability because I'm no C.wach. I played with a lot of fins and was amazed with the FCS Compressor Quad fins. These fins literrally transformed the board and generated a lot of satisfaction. The Board catches waves easily and goes through flat sections like fun shapes 2" longer. Amazing.

Fast, loose, lively, skatey, pivoty and yet stable. SO much Fun! It's like a high performance mini simmons. I love it, even if it will never be my everyday board (I don't have one).

When you check the dimensions on the Cole website, there is no comparison with the Aviso model (Buoyant tech). Aviso : 5'2" / 21.625" / 3.125"
Standard : 5'2" / 20 3/4 / 2 1/2"

After trying one, I would really want one in my quiver.