Review : Creatures Of Leasure shortboard slim fit day use boardcover

creatures of leasure shortboard slim fit day use boardcover

This is some High quality board bag we got here.

Well padded. Well Balanced. Well Constructed. Well engineered.

The materials are great, In two years the Zip is like new and even if it sometimes screw up, it doesn't open up and is super easy to re-open. It's almost like it's engineered that way.

So you have all the aspects of a great boardbag, and 2 main things that are interesting with this one:

1) The slim fit, it's a 6'7 shortboard boardbag and it fits like a glove My 6'6 / 19'5. The board could be larger and thicker no problem, thanks to the construction that will be my point number 2.

2) It's constructed with expansion in mind from nose to tail, so you have the top, the bottom and on each side you have expansion panels of that shape: ><. With that construction if the board is in the 18' to 19'5 range, it will be heavily protected all around by the top and bottom edge of the bag.

I don't know if I'm clear enough, so here's a 3 minute made illustration thanks to photoshop:

boardbag cut view

It's ugly but will fill its purpose. Imagine it's a board in the bag, cut in the middle. The white is the board obviously, the black is the boardbag.

You can now see how well your rails are protected with this board cover design.

Get one for your stick, you won't regret it.