Review : Doc's proplugs earplugs

This pic was taken, right after taking those off after a session, without cleaning, so you can get an idea of the amount of sand & stuff that comes in after battling in a serious beach break.

What you see is the inside of the plug, not the outside of course.

I specifically went to the pharmacy to get those, so a specialist could help me choose the right size.

They block your audition at around 85%. You can hear a bit but you really have to be close to talk with a buddy. 2 feet close.
They are not 100% water tight, they let water comes in at times with a tiny bit of sand too as you can see.

They did not get really loose during the sessions, even if I was afraid I will loose one, I did not.

They’re cheap, so that’s a good point. Much better alternatives are costly in comparison.

I did not get otitis, but again I did not use those for a couple of months so I could get some real statistics on that. Too much water and sand coming in pushed me to search for something else : Surfears review available on this site.