Review : Isurus SCS/Zicronium Removable Thermo insulated Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit hood

Isurus SCSZicronium Removable Thermo insulated Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit hood

Sizing is good, I’m a 54cm and got a M that fits great. Size M should fit aproximatly like a 52 / 58cm range...
Wore it on top of the wetsuit.
Comfort is top notch, even wih surfears earplugs on. The fluffy lining is super comfy. The neoprene is just unbielievable. Supergooey exterior with a never seen before feel to it. It stretches but the material doesn’t behave like it want’s badly to get back to it’s original state. It can stay smoothly stretched and this is great in the water when you’re looking right or left for extended periods of time.
Best neoprene used on a hood PERIOD.
I have no way of telling you how thick it is exactly, with or without the fluffy lining.
First session 14°C Water, windy 2°C air temp:
It fits my head perfectly and the visor just is in the right place. It’s so flexible that it behaves like a baseball cap visor, I would have loved a flatter visor, but hey, you can’t have it flat and flexible, you have to choose I guess.
Impossible to wear it over the chin for me (for now, maybe it will break in like the suit) as it’s like the hood is trying to pull back my chin, really uncomfortable for now. Will update later on that.
Do not tight the draw cord and you’ll get some real flushes when duck diving.

This hood is warm. One morning, I was very active during the session but sometimes I had waiting period of more than 20 minutes in the lineup. I did not feel much difference in warmth, I wasn’t warmer while active and colder when not. It’s almost like if this thing was regulating the temperature.

On another session by 14°C without wind, sunny and water temp at 11°C, active session, the sun was just cooking my brain! Had to flush it in the water 2 times in 1hour to fresh it up. (I must add that my body has a slight tendency to run hot quickly)

It has a tendency to roll up your adam’s apple but not on the neck though… It’s annoying but doesn’t have any effect really.

Can also be worn inside the wetsuit. I don’t need to. Obviously should remove some neck flexibility.

How fast does it dry? I played with it and let it dry outside starting at 5pm by a 5°C day and by the early white morning at -2°C that thing was dry!

You just can't go wrong with this one. Nothing on the market right now can test this product. NOTHING.