Review : Janga Wetsuits booties 06:14 AM // Janga Core Rubber Red // SNOOZE 2015

Janga boots snooze 06 14 AM

That will be a super quick review.

Those booties have nothing special even if they are from japanese neoprene (not yamamoto).

They don't dry faster than the o'neil psychofreak 3.5mm boots. This is probably because of the interior lining they add that does suck up little water by the way.

Believe it or not, after 3 days in house at 21°C underneath a radiator, they are still humid and the bottom and the inner sole that also has this lining are still WET. Sad...

Update 6 months later: summer time > 25°C in house > no humidity > after 6 days > the inside lining is still significantly humid.

They are comfortable, fit true to size (so they even feel a bit small in the water) and maybe a little warmer than a standard boot, like if they were 3.5mm in 14°C water. In 12°C water, my feet were cold after 1 hour and really cold after 2 something I didn't experienced with the psychofreak boots if I remember correctly and I will update on this later. (UPDATE: after testing I was colder in the psychofreak boots 3.5 mil)

The neoprene does not suck up water and the boots are water tight. That second point can be a problem if you make the mistake of wearing them on top of the wetsuit and not beneath it.

Overall, if they were a little cheaper that would be a good option, I don't know if I will buy another pair, might try some boots that are made with yamamoto next time (if i can find some).

Lets see on the long run now.

UPDATE 1 year later: Boots are sold, Impossible to have them dry quickly. latest try, 3 days in a 23°C room + 12H on top of a really hot radiator = still wet.

I never found a way to have them dry for the next day of surf. CRAZY.

Stay away of these boots. I've been told Atan booties (french made with latex) are the real deal and I got a pair so look out for a review in a couple of weeks.