Review : Matuse Hachi Hood Open Ear - 2015

Matuse hood open ear

First off, you don't realize it when you check the pictures on their site but the fit is truly truly amazing, it fully covers the back of your head and your forehead (mine anyway).

With the right size it doesn't fit snug or loose, just comfortable as you want and need it.

The hole covered by some ultra thin lycra is a great idea BUT, there is a little percent chance that your ears will be exactly where the holes are. Mines are not.

This can't be overcome by designing it larger bigger or else, because the hole would be too big... So around the ears comfort is not 100%.

With other hoods I owned in the past, it was totally uncomfortable with a beard, With the Hachi Hood Open Ear you just forget you have one.

Wearing some ear plugs with this hood, is really great, it's almost like if the hood was designed for it (they don't mention it on the site).

When water temps are below 13/14°C your ears get really cold after 1 hour session and after 2 hours you just realise it's not the right hood for the conditions.

From now on I will certainly not wear anything else up 14°C.

UPDATE after one year and 30+ sessions.

The neoprene and stitching all around looks like new.


I did not realise this but unlike other brand I have seen they had the BAD IDEA of adding some lining on the upper of the visor. It's starts to peel off on the edge, if you pull it, it comes right off. BUMMER.

I just can't figure out how they can justify lining the upper visor, I did not notice but it must soak up water also. Is it to make it look nicer? WHY MATUSE, WHY? If it i for that reason now it looks uglier than the rest.