Review : Matuse Shabo Glove 2.5mm - 2014

matuse shabo glove 2.5mm

They fit snug at first and fit good after 3 sessions.
The lengh of the fingers is a tiny bit short, I wear a size L and they are aprox 0.8mm shorter than the o'neill Psycho 1.5mm in size L. My middle finger is aprox 9.4cm. The first session you feel and think you choose the wrong size.

I don't know if that's why I got a tiny bit hole in the glue at the end of a fingertip after only 5 sessions of 2 hours.
The yamamoto Neoprene do not soak Up Water.
They do not inflate with water when paddling, they do not let in any tiny film of water.
The Palm Grip is unbielevable even with a high gloss finished board, there is no way the board could slide during a duck dive and it never did.
You can start wearing those in 14°C water temps, and they are warm, so warm you wish you were in a 10°C water. You get used to it quickly. This also depends of the wetsuit you're wearing. At 14°C water temp with a 4/3 you'll be super warm. With a 3/2, you'll be cosy.

Best gloves I have ever own, just wish those fingers were a tiny bit longer but I got used to it and it's not a real issue.
Let's see how they wear out after a year given the fact there is already a hole at a fingertip. Even if customer service is great, it's always a hassle.

Follow up: Sent them back because of that hole and asked them to send me the XL, as far as sizing goes, finger lentgh is now perfect but they feel a little loose around the palm.

Obviously I have a little more room in the XL's so they do not feel that snug. No warmth difference but they do let in a tiny film of water at first. It's as warm and super confortable so it's all good. Best gloves on the market for me right now even if they are a bit too big.

If the large size had a more reasonable finger length, that would be just PERFECT.

Did not try the nine plus gloves and their double wrist entry though. Not even sure they are made with yamamoto neoprene (not all their product is made of yamamoto) and I had some bad experience with their lotus palm grip they seems to use (2016) as it's the same on their boots. In 2016, these are the only two brands making yamamoto wetsuits that also makes gloves.

Bottom line for the matuse gloves : Grab them, it's a no brainer, they will change your hands life in cold water. And certainly if you have short fingers ;) Sure changed mines.