Review : Nineplus Wetsuit 2/1.5mm Retro Jacket Front Zip 2015

Nineplus Wetusit 2 1.5mm Retro Jacket Front Zip

You'll certainly have to order your nine plus equipement online, and if you don't want to waste money or time, sizing is gonna be critical. And that's where the problem is with nine plus. It's almost like their size chart is made from a skinny guy template, like the one on the picture showing the products on their webpage:

retro jacket front zip

The jacket in itself is really made of superb yamamoto limestone rubber that shines (my picture do not do it justice), some glide skin on torso, arms and back, super gooey underarm. it's well thought of. It's also not stated on their website but it looks titanium lined, and I think it's made from #39  yamamoto neoprene (like isurus and seventhwave MAX) but again they do not specify.

Thickness : no error here. it's a 2,5mm / 1.5mm (measured) including a very thin lining so we are talking aproximatly 2.1mm / 1.2 mm real rubber thickness here.
(they say 2mm with 2.5mm body on their website, maybe they updated the design)

Inner arm lining, is not made of silky smooth neoprene, so it's a bit hard to enter your arm and place it correctly (see size comment also), the same goes for all the interior lining of the glide skin neoprene panels. The lining on the underarms panel are super silky smooth though.

Sizing is the real problem for me with this front zip jacket. I'm end of the range L in almost every brand, as I'm right between L and XL at 6'0, 190 lbs, long torso. I should wear a Large given their size chart: L: 176 to 194 lbs, 5'10 to 6'0.

I purchased the XL : 196 to 220 lbs, 5'11 to 6'1. IT FEELS SUPER SNUGG?????? Like a snugg large...

I mean it's a pain to enter the arms and I think I have to overstretch the neoprene, and it's also hard closing it.

One sure thing is that it's water tight!! Still confortable paddling as it's super strechy like a second skin.

If you size up, you are certainly gonna come out with too long arms and that won't be good.

When you combine the inner lining with super snugg sizing, well you get an hard to get in / out jacket you have to stretch too much than necessary. I mean it's a jacket neoprene top, It should be easy!

There is something going on with their sizing, if you're on the skinny range and not particularly muscular then go for it, if not you probably have other options especially if you want a loose top.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret buying it, and I didn't send it back... Also because it was at 50% off. But, if I were on the market right now for a jacket, I'll probably try another yamamoto one that would size me better, maybe the seventhwave. This one looks good with the red stitching though...