Review : Northcore Waterproof Wetsuit Changing Mat - C-mat

Northcore Waterproof Wetsuit Change Mat

This is the exact opposite of the FCS changing mat.

The BAD : the material is thick so it does NOT folds or molds easily for carriage or storage. It's a bit of work to encapsultate the wet wetsuit in it after a session.

- the cords are of the right length, it does not get messy with knots.
- the heavy duty rip-stop nylon base they use is really thick and durable. NO tears or holes after 1 year of carefull use.
- Really usefull 2 neat little handles on each side that helps carry the bag when full of a 4 to 7 kg wet wetsuit and else.
- Really waterproof.

You can't go wrong with this one. I guess hard wearing lacks flexibility with this kind of material.