Review : O'Neill Men's Hydrofreak Boardshort 2015

ONeill Men Hydrofreak Boardshort

Feels ultra ultra lightweight. Is incredibly flexible. The dwr treatment worked very well for 1 summer, a bit short.

The material is super flexible, but I thought it was not that much more flexible than last year hyperfreak series.
It's several years now that they use some silicone on the lace and it's a smart idea. It lasts me around 2 years (2 summers) before falling apart. They also use it on the hyperfreak series.

The rear pocket is not ideally placed as the opening and zipper gets a bit of wax, I prefer side pockets. The waist band has no stretch.

For 2016, they renamed the boardshort to : Hyperfreak Hydro. They also wisely moved the pocket on the side. Oh, and they charged 30+$ more.

Compared to some Hyperfreak boardshorts from 2013/2014, I can definitly see the improvements.

Are the new Hyperfreak Hydro and Hydrofreak Boardshorts amazing? YES!

Are they worth an almost 50% price Bump? NO WAY!

Wait for it to be on sale (I did), buy last year model or simply boycott this model or any other model from surfwear companies that dare to sell it more than 100$! I mean purchasing a 130+$ boardshort at full price is sending a really really bad message to the surf industry.

This system that consist in increasing slowly the price of the supposed high end for no reason but marketing makes me crazy.

In 2025, will you buy the 220$ latest tech boardshort?