Review : O'neill Psycho 1.5MM Double Lined Surf Gloves

Oneill Psycho 1.5 gloves

These Gloves are average and you can surf aprox until 12° water.

They are confortable and super strectchy.
They inflate like crazy when you paddle, it's like you have one liter of water in each. It finally get back to normal when you reach the line up.
This is NOT a sizing problem, as I choosed them correctly and tried different sizes in the shop, NO way I could have downsized.
The neoprene soak up water.
Their palm grip is almost inexistant, surfing with a high gloss finished board including duckdiving is risky for your nose or for the board if your grip is too firm.
They are not REALLY warm, they just help you handle the cold.

Won't buy again, and not using them anymore now that I got the Matuse ones.