Review : O'neill Psychofreak f.u.z.e 4/3mm - 2015

Oneill psychofreak 4 3 2015

For those who know the technobutter 1, The technobutter 2 is REALLY better.

The wetsuit helps you float, you really feel like you're surrounded by air bubbles. It Dries Faster than the technobutter 1 generation almost as fast as a yamamoto neoprene suit without lining.

It's definitly warmer than first Gen (I have the Psycho 1 first gen technobutter, and yes a quick review will follow soon). But again not as warm as a yamamoto neoprene wetsuit. As it depends water temps and personnal body fat and preference lets say as a comparison that it is as warm or maybe a tiny bit warmer than a perfectly fitted high end Yam 3/2mm titanium lining wetsuit...

It's VERY Light, and it stays relatively light when wet, but not as light as a know.

The Flex is great, but in my opinion, nowaydays, with how good high end wetsuits are, the flex parameter ain't that crucial anymore, I mean they are all super flexible, so maybe you should choose your wetsuit on another parameter like fit or weight.

This neoprene has a very very specific touch feel I doesn't look and feel like anything else on the market, and I can't say it feel great on the skin when putting the wetsuit on, it's not at all a silky smooth feeling. When it's on it doesn't bother you anymore.

No neck flush for me and no entry at arms or legs.

Aging: I've had some problems at the entry point were seams are sollicitated and also some of the outside welding seams falling apart and crakeling (and not for drying in direct sunlight). Customer service was top notch and wetuit was replaced within 2 weeks.

If you don't have the extra bucks for some japanese neoprene wetsuit and the fit works for you then this is a no brainer.