Review : O'Neill Ultraflex 1.5MM Gooro RG8 wetsuit Hood

ONeill Ultraflex 1.5MM Gooro RG8 wetsuit Hood

This simply does the job. Is it great? No. Is it Bad? Not really.
Flexibility : Average, it flexes ok. The gooey exterior cover is stiff.
Fit : Not really for my head shape I think, the design of the cinch loop is perfect for my head though as I can wear it on the chin or under the jaw (either way I get the same problems).
Material: you really get only 1mm rubber, and the rest is lining
Drying: dries quickly

That would be the range temp for me cold water from 10°C to 14°C. (wind / air temp consideration excluded)

For me the deal breaker is the visor and the fit.
The fit : It doesn't cover my forehead well enough, I think it's probably how it's designed. I must add that comfort with the surfears earplugs is just unbearable for a reason I can't figure out. It certainly applies to much pressur on the ear...

The visor : They used something so tough, so not flexible it's annoying. I've seen this material on all the big brand hoods.
It's neither plastic nor rubber. the point is it's a BAD BAD choice of material.

The worst part is that this visor material is a huge design flaw. It's so rigid, that when you duck dive, it rotates up or down your face and "opens" abreach on each sides of the hood making water comes in directly on your ears and neck.

If you don't want that to happen, you have to tighten the cord so much it's unbearable.


They still use that type of material for the visors on their hood line, so pay attention when choosing one, on any brand. If you need one and surf all winter with it, think flexible, or remove it (easily doable)? But having one helps with the sun...

I'll say it's not even an average hood for the occasional cold water surfer. given the 10 to 20 dollars price difference between an average hood and a great hood, why bother. Putting a hood is a pain for every surfer. Everyone is easyly capable of making his life complicated or miserable.

Do yourself a favor, take your time and find a great hood. I think I finally found one with the Isurus Hood that just arrived today. When I surfed a couple sessions with it a report will follow.