Review : Ocean & Earth Aircon Longboard Board Cover

Ocean&earth Aircon Longboard Board Cover

This is the best longboard boardbag i've had so far.

Design, materials, engineering, everything is spot on. Really this is a steal at that price compared to FCS offering. It's in line with the creatures of leasure and Pro-Lite offering. S U P E R B.

It oppens almost all the way to the nose.

Balance isn't perfect though, but maybe because I use a 9'6 bag for a 9'4 Aviso longboard that is lighter than your usual longboard of that size.

So, I will not complain on this. I don't have any other board to test the balance.

The only flaw for me is the fin slot. The expandable tail with the air nest system works well if you have a big center fin, that extends the cover, the down side is the tip of your fin directly rips on the fin slot zipper. I don't like that.

The other downside is that if you let the fin through the zipper opening of the fin slot, then it's not that extended anymore, loosing much air flow by the look of it...

Last thing on the fin slot, if you choose to let your long Fin through the zipper, if the boards move inside the cover during handling, this could damage your fins.
My 10'0 is inside and FCS cover that has a scratch fin slot. much better in that aspect. A review will follow.

This fin slot is a bit of a bummer, but this is such a perfect longboard bag in every other aspect that I can live with it and would certainly buy another one if I had to.