Review : Rip Curl Waterproof Wetsuit Bag "wetsack" 2016

2016 Rip Curl Waterproof Wetsuit wetsack Bag

This wet wetsuit bag is part of the WETTIE SERIES SEARCH SURF DUFFLE BAG. It can also be bought seperatly for a couple bucks.

The material used is tough, looks well constructed.

Fold inteligently your wetsuit (as you're supposed to when traveling) and it will fit nice and easy inside.

I came back from the beach, just a 15 minutes ride, and noticed that absolutly no water cam out.

While I was rincing it, I thought I'll fill it with 3 liters of water, because that's what you can get out of some rip curl wetties with thick linings :)

This bag does it's job and is waterproof, but of course it has to stay up in the car, if it goes upside down all the water will come out of course...
They could have used a waterproof zipper or some other technique, to make sure all that water does not come out...

Anyway, can be particularly usefull if you forgot your changemat or your plastic box for some reason.