Review : Seventhwave wetsuit MAX COMP 1.5mm Mens Ti FL ZB Steamer

Seventhwave Wetsuit MAX COMP 1.5mm Mens Ti FL ZB Steamer

Real 1.5mm thick yamamoto rubber #39. Killer rubber. Add to that the ultra thin jersey lining.
The lining is not that silky smooth nylon you can be used to with every manufacturer nowadays. It’s more of an heavy duty type of jersey. Probably more resistant but not as nice on the skin.
The suit is all you can expect globally from a custom yamamoto wetsuit so I will only comment in the little flaws.
This was a custom suit, (you can also order general sizes).
The wetsuit had to be sent back to seventhwave for some minor change in the collar. It was too long by 2cm. They say their customer like super long collars...

The entry system is NOT Great. It's the shoulder panel with a round hole in the middle. Not the champion of chest zip wetsuit entry system, that's for sure.

It’s far from perfect because it extends so much the material that there is a statement in their FAQ that it will tear down: (check pic)
« I have only worn my neck entry wetsuit a couple of times and there is a small tear in the front of the neck. Is that common?

This is common with all our Neck Entry wetsuits.

The neck entry panel on all ZB (neck entry) models is the most vulnerable panel on the whole wetsuit. This is because of the high stretch required for the entry and exit process to get your body through this opening.
Over time and with use it will fray and tear a little around the neck.

We recommend leaving the tears as they are covered up with the collar. Even if they get quite big they do not compromise the performance of your wetsuit.
… »

Yeah this is a major panel and neck entry design flaw right here…

You could think that with such a design it will be hard to put on and off. Not particularly if you're used to neck entry wetsuits.

I have to say it has a positive aspect though: it doesn't put any stress on the stitchings near the shoulders. One of the usual problems with neck entry suits from other brands.

And yes even with care, it starts to fall apart after a couple sessions. Ok it’s not a big issue but they should get to work on their panels, given the price tag.
I made peace with it but not everybody will.

The suit fits everywhere like next to skin compression garment, I asked for a tight fit (they recommend going only "firm" fit). It’s tighter in some areas than others though. For some reason the upper body felt generally tighter than the lower body.

In fact there maybe another small design flaw right here. the underarm and torso panels are made in such a way that you have the impression that the stitching circles around your chest (in reality it does not). Because of the center panel in the torso and in the back, and the stitching around it, the suit FEELS like a bit restrictive.
I mean, when I bump my chest to the maximum, I feel some restriction.
I do not recall feeling this in the water though.
Maybe it’s the measurements, maybe it’s the tight fit option I choosed. Maybe it's both.
What I think is that if the panels were designed differently and if they simply removed that front and back center panels, it would make sense and certainly allow more stretch in that area.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I pointed out some things to improve, but that MAX COMP 1.5mm Mens Ti FL ZB Steamer is a BOMB with no competition for now.
If I were on the market for a new summer wetsuit, i’ll buy one again for sure but ask for a firm fit (not tight).