Review : Seventhwave wetsuit Viper 3/3 Ti G&S ZB Steamer

Seventhwave Wetsuit Viper 33 Ti G&S ZB Steamer

If there is Only one thing to UNDERSTAND about this suit, it is this:
« 70% #38 Neoprene: Super durable neoprene from the chest down makes the Viper extremely durable and long lasting. »

You only have #39 super stretch yamamoto neoprene in the arms.

So what does that mean exactly.

Well it means that given the material used, the primary objective of this suit is to be DURABLE and to outlast anything in the market.

It certainly can but at the expense of something we are all used to these days: Flexibility.

This suit definitly lacks of flexibility from chest / under arm area to the ankles.

At this price point, you’re buying longevity.

Personally, I rather spend more and get also the stretch, like I could have with a MAX 3/3 ti in their range for example.

It had to be resent to seventhwave for some minor change in the collar and leg length. Collar was too long by 2cm and legs by 3cm.
The entry system is Not Great. It’s the same concept in all their models.

It’s far from perfect because it extends so much the material that there is a statement in their FAQ that it will tear down:
« I have only worn my neck entry wetsuit a couple of times and there is a small tear in the front of the neck. Is that common?

This is common with all our Neck Entry wetsuits.

The neck entry panel on all ZB (neck entry) models is the most vulnerable panel on the whole wetsuit. This is because of the high stretch required for the entry and exit process to get your body through this opening.
Over time and with use it will fray and tear a little around the neck.

We recommend leaving the tears as they are covered up with the collar. Even if they get quite big they do not compromise the performance of your wetsuit.
… »

Yeah this is a major panel and neck entry design flaw right here…

The suit fits everywhere like next to skin compression garment. It’s tighter in some areas than others though. For some reason the upper body felt generally tighter than the lower body (like with my MAX 1.5mm).

Maybe it’s the measurements, maybe it’s the tight fit option I choosed.

The other thing is their panel construction in the lower legs and knee, as you can see in the picture. It’s just weird. It fits correctly though.

Given lack of flexibility, I would recommend this model for every watersports exept surfing.
If your focus is on durability. Look no further.