Review : SurfEars earplugs

Surf ears ear bugs

I'm using those new to the market ear plugs, they look better and are better than the rest. Especially compared to the Doc's proplugs, that are really unbearable for me, unless your ear is so bad you don't have a choice.

I've had a 20+ sessions with those, I'm still experimenting with sizes, and i'm currently using the Small size, used the medium and didn't change much apart from the difficulty to put them in, so hey i'm staying with the Small for now.

You hear better than anything else out there, but let's be honest what they claim isn't fully true, in my humble opinion, you do know that your hearing is blocked and I'll say it's around the 20/40% range (i'm not a computer, I can't be more precise). After a wipeout or duckdive, it takes like 30 seconds to hear 60 to 80% back again. So I guess you say in that department it's 60% better than the Doc's...

Yes you can discuss with your friends at the line up.

My ears did stay warm even in 14°C water and that's the important thing here to avoid surfer's ear evolution.

But otitis prevention is something else, because in my experience, water do come in, yes in very small amounts but still, it's wet inside and for me, when water temps are below 14°C when your ear is warm, when you feel cold water coming in it's not pleasant at all. No sand though, at least not for now. And no Otitis to report either!

Sometimes you really get used to it, sound and feel, and just think "damn it's gone", but no, it's still there... The worst is when you think it has moved a bit and you need to check to make sure, of course, with the gloves you have to take off first. (Maybe with the medium plugs this could be avoided?)

Under a hood, with the one that has some holes made for the ear it's really amazing and with the regular ones then it's less amazing but no problem to report.

It does get dirty quickly, even with a good hygiene. I personnally let them for an hour in very hot water so the salt comes off of the mesh, then wash the silicon plugs with some gentle soap and rinse them. I do that at least every 3 sessions especially because my left hear has a subscription plan with external otitis.

I've seen they launched a 2.0 version with a leash that I would love to try and review, but first I need to make the most out of my 40 euros...

I will definitly post an update in a couple of months.

How you guys like to say it: when it comes to ear plugs, it doesn't get any better than this. There is nothing better out there that I know of.

FOLLOW UP: I changed to medium size and I don't have the feeling that they are missing anymore, but I still do have to put them just right from time to time during a 2 hours surf. Small amount of water sill comes in. It's been a year and a couple months now and no otitis to report, that is GREAT and unusual for me! Still loving it, can't wait to try the 2.0 model... They also hold up pretty well, as I clean them regularly by letting them sit like a bag of tea in boiling water for a couple of minutes.