Review : The Nineplus Wetsuit Boots

The Nineplus Wetsuit Boots

This is an "on paper" quick review, simply because I returned the product without using it, read the review and you'll understand why.

- Very uncomfortable split toe for me and poor design. No joint either, so your big toe can be decapitated by your leash.
- First time I tried them on, a bunch of their lotus plastic logos they covered the boots with, peeled off (you can see it in the pic).
- The sizing was the biggest issue for me and the main reason behind their return as the L was too tight for a 9-10. their sizing is S / M / L / XL / XXL ->  USA S:7-8 / M:8-9 / L:9-10 / XL:10-11 / XXL:11-12

Forget about the fit, the look, the comfort, the design because the ONLY good thing about these boots is the use of 4mm yamamoto neoprene that won't suck up water. This is my main issue when it comes to winter surf boots, their ability to inflate and suck up water.

BUT, they used a fleece lining, and when there is lining, there is water. But again, did not actually tried them surfing.

I won't comment on their customer service because that's not what this site is all about, I dealt with the UK team and was very very disapointed, rudness and tone wasn't what I would expect from such a brand and that I am used to even in France.
You understand why I did not try the XL instead of the L.