Review : Wetsuit boots ATAN MISTRAL 3mm and MISTRAL HOT 6,5mm

Wetsuit boot atan mistral 3mm

They look the same so only one picture will do for both models.

Please check the website and use a traduction plugin for all the tech infos on the latex / limestone neoprene surf booties.

The 3mm are cozy for me till 13°C water temperature. Lower than that go with the 6,5mm. in a 11°C water temp session for two hours, my feet were HOT like if I was at home in a nice pair of fur lined boots! NO BULLSHIT.
They claim the overall feel is barefoot like. That’s verified. It’s incredible and almost like if you don’t feel them.
Super easy to put them on and off. If you let water in, they will fill with water. They does not slip or slide. No complaint on sizing and fit whatsoever.
The material is ULTRA sticky, so they recommend to put some chalk on it from time to time.
they are the real thing, best surf booties ever.


with that material, when you come out water, sand stick to it (obviously) and it makes the boot very slippery sensitive, walking on rocks when they are full of sand is alsmost like walking on ice. Without sticky sand on them you can walk on rocks just fine. And No it doesn't help rubbing the foot on the rock until the sand is wiped out, it doesn't work.

Dry time: for the 6,5mm = 2 to 3X faster (easy) than any other surf booties and wetsuit boots I’ve tried. Rinced at 3PM and hanged to dry at room temperature, the next morning at 9 they’re almost COMPLETLY dry. I mean there is just a tiny bit of residual humidity in them.

Let’s see how they hold on now on the long run.

That’s a French product that’s been around for years, and there’s a reason. Certainly one of the best surf boots there is. If they hold on well, there is not one serious reason to search for something else.

You can expect a review of the summer version in a couple months.