Review : Zion Wetsuits Wesley 4/3 Steamer 2016

It's a pictureless review because I tried it in the shop that just got their first round of Zion wetsuits as a late retailer and did not buy it due to what you're gonna read next.

It's supposedly made from "Japanese limestone based neoprene" and wether it comes from yamamoto is a mystery. The shop said yes but didn't have anything to back it up, and it didn't feel like it. My guess is, if it's a mystery, then it's not.

I could notice that it had a tendency of staying compressed, i mean, it doesn't keep it's shape, damage pinches due to folding for shipping were present and noticeable. A 2mm rubber thinned into a 0.2mm rubber in the pinch line. For reference, yamamoto pinched lines due to folding only decrease thickness by less than 1mm.

The inner lining was not buttery smooth. A real struggle to put that wetsuit on and I was using a plastic bag. External lining was great though but kinda useless.

The stretch was as good as middle to top of the range wetsuits, so nothing much to complain here.

Sizing is strange. From their website : size large is 5'9 to 6'6 and 80 to 93 kilos. As a reminder I'm 6'0 for 85kgs long torso.

I noticed it directly when checking the wetsuit on the rack, the torso was SHORT. I thought, let's give it a try anyway, I've come all that way.

Impossible to put the arms in, I mean possible? Maybe! I tried the left arm and it was so stretched it was the maximum the material could handle. One paddle and I'm pretty sure I would have tear down the shoulder stitching of the suit. Not exagerating a bit here. I did not even tried to put the second arm in. The inner lining didn't help sliding the suit in it's right place while stretching it.

You remember i'm supposed to be on the lower end of the Large size spectrum right? Did not try the XL, they didn't have it in stock, maybe thinking given the size chart they wouldn't sell any.

Something's wrong here. If you think about ordering this suit online, think twice. Or be sure you can send it back free of charge.