Review : Ripcurl E-BOMB PRO LS JACKET 1MM 2016


Take a close look at the neoprene / lining thickness.

there is not even a 0.5mm rubber thickness in there!
This neoprene top is super stretch, buttery stretch, but it's almost only made of lining, that's why.

The big downsides:
It soaks water, it's incredible, I wouldn't be surprise if it soaked around 50 + cl. (I hang all my gear with a bucket beneath it, I did not measure it exactly, but it should be pretty close).

It doesn't give you much warmth, or so very little compared to a rashguard you wonder why bother. It's also not as stretchy as a rashguard, so...

This top is like a rashguard you pay 100$ for!! My advice, spend it on something else! Especially when you get some decent yamamoto tops with some real rubber thickness for a couple bucks more.

Does it hold on the long run? Who cares, you should not buy it.