Review : TheBlingZ Heavy Duty Shock Proof Cover for Sony Xperia Z3

TheBlingZ Sony Xperia Z3

Ok, so if you read the title until the end, that's how they call it ;)
What you see in the picture is my modified version of the case, simply because the biggest flaw of the design is that it has no holes in front of the charging ports (USB or Magnet) so I had to make one as I was getting tired of taking the cover off each time, and it can be dangerous for the phone, especially with children(s) messing around.

The other main flaw is the kind of plastic used, it's not grippy enough and you have to pay attention how you take the phone if you don't want it to slide out of your hand.
The cover is VERY light.

You don't really see it but it's a 2 layer design: the first layer is a grippy and shock absorbant material, the second layer that does not cover entirely the first one, is made of a solid polyurethane of some sort. The white line in the picture is the contour of the cut out solid layer.

It doesn't look very efficient but it is, and there is not much great heavy duty covers out there for the xperia line.
The phone jumped out of my pocket while getting in the car 2 times now, from higher than 1 metre, bumped on the pavement and it came back flawless.

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