Let's keep it to a minimum and focus on what's important here. Before I begin,  I'm french so sorry for my english at times:)

I'm Phil, I'm not looking for Internet fame so my complete credentials are irrelevant. The focus in on the product. I am just an Intermediate surfer / skater / snowboarder / dirtbiker for more than 20 years.

I'm not going to review a lot of surfboards / snowboards / dirtbikes on the site as others already do that perfectly (Hi Benny). This is more accessory oriented.

I don't feel I could honestly review a board or bike and have something relevant or universal to say about it, as the next surfer (better or not) could feel a board totally differently than me, so...You'll see that when I do review a board I try to keep it light, if that means something to you. I don't have a huge turn around either and I'm more interested in advanced tech, the most part of my quiver is made out of Aviso's, this tech just magnify my surfing. What excites me is evolution and technology from (or like) Firewire, Blackdart, C3 cork, hydroflex, Varial or libtech to name a few. And, as I only have two boards I renew from time to time, that won't bring a lot of surfboard reviews, especially if I don't have anything new to add to what others already said.

Another thing I want to mention and that is really important to me, is that I am not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed or else by any brand and I have absolutly no plan of beeing one of their sale representative. If I feel or felt something is bad, i'll say it clearly and I'll explain why. I'm pretty hard on stuff and always quickly find the problem when there is one.

So, what I'll be reviewing is Surf gear like wetsuits and accessories, some skateboard and snowboard related products and some other stuff like whatever I'm trully happy about ot not.

When I research a product I litterally spend days on it. You must certainly spend also way too much time researching the best products for your needs, checking every alternative and looking for reviews.

It's very time consuming because search engines results are not that relevant anymore and I have to go through such a bunch of crap to get a good info here and there. It's exhausting. The real pain is trying to find some usefull infos from forum threads.

I also check a lot of videos by "professionnals", just in case there is some good info. Generally a waste of time as they just describe the product features and materials. When you do find in the bunch, a usefull video, it took you 5 to 10 minutes for something that could have taken 20 seconds.

I created this site imagining what I would like (need) to find when I'm in that process of searching the right product. No videos here. No bunch of useless photos. No waste of time.

The idea is a simple and clean website design so I (you) don't get too much distracted from the goal, a concise user review that get to the point. I don't need a great introduction, the brand history, the enginering process of the material used and all that. I just need some precise informations that shows the flaws and the interesting aspect of the product that only real use can point out. And if there is a follow up a year after, it's always much apreciated.

I need to be in and out of a website in under 1 minute and get some real use info to help me make an educated decision. If I really got some good info I click on an Ad or 2 to encourage the reviewer... ;-)

Simple concept : 1 picture, 1 quick review and trying to make it the most usefull. UPDATED on the long run. Well everything Can't be that simple or quick, so sometimes it will take a bit more space, when it makes sense.

That's what this site is all about.

Hope that helps...